Process Engineer (Sent)

Job responsibilities:
1. Develop product processing technology, prepare process documents, update and maintain process documents;
2. Responsible for the design and manufacturing of various tooling molds for product processing;
3. Responsible for maintaining the production process and handling abnormal issues;
4. Responsible for the trial production of new products, coordinating and resolving issues during the trial production process, and ensuring the progress of new products;
5. Complete the design verification, process confirmation, and risk management work during the product production process;
6. Collect non-conforming data, participate in non-conforming reviews, analyze the causes of non-conforming products, and take corresponding corrective and preventive measures;
7. Confirmation and improvement of new process during trial production;
8. Provide training on new production processes for operators;
9. Collect advanced production process information from domestic and foreign industries, and provide reasonable suggestions for the application and improvement of production technology;
10. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.

Job requirements:
1. Bachelor's degree or above;
2. Bachelor's degree (at least 5 years of relevant work), Master's degree (at least 3 years of relevant work);
3. Mechanical, metal materials, nickel titanium materials and other related majors;
4. Six Sigma Black Belt, with English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, preferred in pharmaceutical related industries;
5. ISO13485-2016 training, GMP training is preferred.
Work location: Shanghai