Equipment Engineer

Job responsibilities:
1. Introduction of new equipment, including research, development of quality standards, procurement, acceptance, installation confirmation, software confirmation, and other verification work;
2. Reasonably improve equipment defects and develop automation equipment;
3. Complete Preventive maintenance tasks as required, track equipment operation and make relevant records;
4. Proactively identify and solve equipment faults, complete emergency maintenance of equipment, and generate analysis reports;
5. Ensure the safety and standardized implementation of various operations and maintenance work;
6. Collect information on required equipment spare parts, select spare parts, optimize localization, and set reasonable inventory levels;
7. Preparation of equipment documents, including operating specifications, inspection specifications, maintenance specifications, parameter testing specifications, and subsequent training work;
8. Equipment system maintenance, including equipment ledger, maintenance record archiving, annual maintenance plan, etc.

Job requirements:
1. Bachelor's degree or above in mechanical and electrical integration or related majors;
2. At least 2.3 years of relevant work experience;
3. Possess strong electrical knowledge, with an electrician certificate preferred.
Work location: Shanghai