QA Sr. Engineer(Valve)

Job responsibilities:
1. Participate in the process of new product design review, design verification, and design confirmation, and organize the team to improve design quality;
2. Monitor the execution status of the design and development process;
3. Develop and carry out experimental and testing plans and plans;
4. Process documents, imported into production before mass production;
5. Establish complete machine product standards, reliability testing standards, and testing methods;
6. Follow-up, statistics, and improvement promotion of after-sales front-end quality feedback;
7. Organize the development of quality control plans, standard conversions, and execution of quality agreements for new products/customers.

Job requirements:
1. Bachelor's degree or above;
2. Bachelor's degree related work experience of 7 years or more, master's degree of 5 years or more;
3. Familiar with product design and development process quality control and testing requirements during the product development phase;
4. Strong sense of work responsibility and initiative, as well as good communication and logical analysis skills.