QC Manager

Job responsibilities:
1. Conduct quality management work on the R&D and post market products from incoming to outgoing sites, ensuring effective control of product quality and achieving market delivery;
2. Lean management and working hour management, achieving cost reduction in inspection under the premise of quality assurance;
3. Carry out personnel gradient construction and training, create a stable and efficient team, and enhance the professional skills of QC personnel;
4. Necessary and effective supervision and coordination of activities related to product quality to ensure that products meet quality standards;
5. Responsible for supervising and inspecting the QC inspection process and records, ensuring effective management of quality control forms, internal and external audits, and rectification;
6. Responsible for the construction and maintenance of the company's physics laboratory, and managing it in accordance with CNAS requirements;
7. Other tasks assigned by the leader.

Job requirements:
1. Bachelor's degree or above;
2. Having 6 years or more of QC management experience in the medical industry, familiar with ISO13485 or CNAS.