Physical Lab Testing Supervisor

Job responsibilities:
1. Coordinate and arrange physical Test effort such as design verification, process confirmation, raw material evaluation and type inspection of marketing and projects under research;
2. Assist in the establishment, validation, confirmation, and optimization of QA physical testing methods, conduct physical laboratory inspections for compliance, and achieve registration, self inspection, and CNAS certification;
3. Reduce the operating costs of physical laboratories by identifying waste, controlling personnel working hours, and optimizing CT testing;
4. Physical testing personnel demand calculation, personnel recruitment, skill training, performance scoring, and other work;
5. Use, measurement and maintenance management of Laboratory equipment, on-site 5s and safety protection management;
6. Other tasks assigned by superiors.

Job requirements:
1. Education background and professional requirements: college degree or above, major in medicine, Biomedical engineering, electromechanical, materials, etc.;
2. Familiar with and master the mechanical engineering testing standards and methods for three types of medical devices;
3. Proficiently use various experimental equipment in the laboratory: Keyence, Stellite OMM imager, Instron tensile machine, profile tester, AF phase change temperature tester, pulsating flow test system, and can guide and train others.