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Aortic Valve

Product Code Valve Size D(mm) Aortic Annulus Diameter(mm) Valve Height H(mm)
TAV21 21 17~20 50
TAV24 24 20~23 50
TAV27 27 23~26 53
TAV30 30 26~29 53

Delivery System

Product Code Valve Outer Diameter D1(mm) Valve Section Length L2(cm) Actual Length L1(cm)
16FL 5.3+/-0.5(16F) 8.7+/-1 112+/-5
18FL-S 6.0+/-0.5(18F) 8.8+/-1 112+/-5
18FL 6.0+/-0.5(18F) 9.0+/-1 112+/-5

Specification Relationship between Aortic Valve and Delivery System

Valve Product Code TAV21 TAV24 TAV27 TAV30


System Product Code

16FL 18FL
/ 18FL-S /

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